Hello Sugar & Graze Box Combo May 1st

Week three is a collaboration with Hello Sugar! Get a delicious Graze box and a half dozen box of hello sugar's delicious donuts! A little sweet indulgence to go with your charcuterie dinner! These boxes are enough for two as a snack or 1 for dinner Lasy day to order is Wed April 29th Pick up is Friday, April 30th 3:30-5pm Pick up location is 1516 W. Riverside


April 17th Zoom Party box

Did you see my Zoom party last week? Well, now you can buy a box and join my party or host your own! Order these boxes and pick them up, add a mini bottle of champagne and deliver it to your friends! I added bubbles and a cute card and left them on my girls's porches 2 hours before our Zoom party! Boxes include a savory blend of artisans cheese and meats plus all your favorite graze board accouterments. All tied up with a bow, and a few other little things! Boxes available every Friday! Zoom party is just the 17th @8pm Pick up is from 3:30-5pm. Downtown pick up ( pick up location will be shared after you order) Orders must be in by Wed night Delivery available if you order 6 or more boxes Questions? Text 509 327 2201


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