Catering & Holiday Grazing

Christmas Eve Trays

These lovely trays are perfect for a party or 4-6 people. They will be made and delivered on Christmas Eve and are a perfect Christmas surprise gift for anyone on your list. This trays come with a Tokki bow card which means you record a brief Christmas message and we will upload your video and message to the bow card reciptiant so when they get their tray they will be able to watch and know who the Holiday tray is from! When you make your purchase be sure to include the delivery address and your phone number. We will text you after we drop it off. Please email us for any questions at


Holiday Graze Trays ( Two large trays) $350

All season long you can order large graze trays to be delivered any day of the week. These beautiful trays are large enough to accommodate 10 people each and they are only sold in pairs for $350. Please email us to inquire about available dates. These trays are perfect for a hostess gift, office parties, and any cocktail hour event with less than 25 people. These trays are not sold individually this season. email us at 

Graze Tables

Grazeboards are an excellent way to provide a lovely array of beautiful bites for any event. These boards focus on giving guests options that can accommodate all different types of dietary preferences. Grazing Tables will be filled with different meats, cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, olives, crackers, bread, spreads, seasonal fruit, and other items. 

Grazing Tables for 25-35 guests


Grazing Tables for 40-50 guests


Grazing Tables for 60-70 guests


Grazing Tables for 70-100 guests


Grazing Tables for 100-plus guests

custom pricing

We can provide tables if needed at an additional charge of $20 per table

Please email us to schedule a phone consultation and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting our page!

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